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Context sensitive videos, client domain management and new re-brandable embed codes for your own membership site.

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Selling WP Maintenance Plans, Getting Better Clients & Rapid Prototyping. 
Add over 100 professional, automatically updated video tutorials to all of your clients WordPress dashboards for one crazy low price!

Choose Your Accent

Install the videos in US, UK or Australian accents depending on where your clients live. Choose different accents for different client sites and keep everyone happy. 

Videos Always Up To Date

Our videos are updated for every new stable release of WordPress and the plugin knows which version of WordPress your clients are using and shows the right videos. No more embarrassing questions.

Our videos are up to date for WordPress 4.9! and ready for 5.0 (Gutenberg) when released. 

SEO, WooCommerce, Google Analytics and Beaver Builder + Gutenberg When Released

The Video User Manuals plugin includes 41 videos teaching WordPress functionality, 4 videos for Yoast SEO, 14 WooCommerce video tutorials and 21 videos teaching Google Analytics (courtesy of Justin Cutroni from Google) plus brand new videos for the awesome Beaver Builder page builder. Plus Gutenberg Videos when released later this year.
Context Sensitive Videos
The video tutorials now appear in the help tab on every page within the WordPress dashboard so your clients can access the tutorials where and when they need them.

This provides an excellent user experience and reduces clients distracting you with questions because they are confused.

Of course all the videos are still available in one place on the videos page as well.
Re-branded Embed Codes
You can now embed all of our videos on your very own membership website and re-brand the video player with your own logo.

Sell access to your membership website and give your members over 100 pages of video tutorial content.

All of the videos are updated with each new release of WordPress so you can set and forget and just collect your recurring revenue.
Client Domain Management
The client domain manager allows you to turn videos on or off for specific client domains. This means if you part ways with a client you can now turn off access to the videos without having to login to their site.

Simply login to the members' zone on the Video User Manuals website and click the toggle switch to turn the plugin on or off.

Only $97/year
That's a massive saving of $191/year or 66% off.
Lock in this low price for the life of your subscription.
PLUS: $591 Worth of Bonus Courses
Normally: $197
WP Maintenance Plans
In this training course you will learn:
  • How to design and sell WordPress Maintenance Plans like the pro's
  • How to make sure your maintenance plans are profitable
  • How to sell maintenance plans to your existing clients
Normally: $197
Get Better Clients
In this training course you will learn:
  • How to find your perfect clients so you can avoid the time wasters
  • How to only attract clients who will love you and therefore pay you a premium for your expertise
  • How to win clients without any awkward selling
Normally: $197
Rapid Prototyping
In this training course you will learn:
  • How to use rapid prototyping to win more clients
  • How to use rapid prototyping to avoid scope creep and keep projects profitable
  • How to sell rapid prototypes as a standalone product to make more revenue
Embed Shortcodes Included
Our plugin now includes shortcodes so you can use our videos on your own membership website!
White Labeled and Completely Re-brandable!
The plugin is fully re-brandable and customizable. If you want to replace our imagery with your own to give your client a better branded experience, it’s easily done.

You can even add your own videos for your own custom post types!

If you only offer certain pieces of functionality, like pages and not posts, then you can turn off individual videos or entire sections of videos with the click of a button.
Only $97/year
That's a massive saving of $191/year or 66% off.
Lock in this low price for the life of your subscription.
We've Got Thousands of Happy Customers All Over The World.

Automate Your Support

Since I installed Video User Manuals back in 2008, it's cut the time I spend teaching clients how to use WordPress by 80%. Now I can spend more time with my family.

Joakim Eirksson

I Use This To SELL Sites

I've been using this plugin to sell websites and to teach clients how to  use WordPress - it's been KILLING IT! My clients love it and it's allowed me to raise my prices. You guys rock!

Damian Handley

This Saves Us Soooo Much Time

This plug-in has saved our company so much admin time. Clients are much more comfortable when I turn sites over because they can work through their challenges on their own.

Amanda Sutt

Best Product on the Market

I took advantage of Video User Manuals to add value to client projects but the bonus is it save me a lot of time (and money). I have not found a better and easier to use product on the market.

Vanessa Holgate
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We'll make this really simple.

If you don't love this plugin for whatever reason, hit us up in the next 60 days and we'll give you your $97 back.

All of it. No questions and no funny business.
Only $97/year
That's a massive saving of $191/year or 66% off.
Lock in this low price for the life of your subscription.
Can I add my own videos?
Yes! We realise that everyone uses WordPress slightly differently. That's why we made it super easy to add your own videos.
Can I turn off videos that are not relevant?
Yes! We realise that in some cases you don’t want your clients to know about certain functionality (WooCommerce for example). You can easily hide individual videos or entire sections.
Can I Brand The Plugin?
 Yes! You can add your branding to appear above all the videos, to present a more professional experience to your client. In fact, you can change all the images, including the menu icon, if you wish.
What About WordPress Updates
As WordPress releases each stable version, we analyze it and create new or modify the existing videos and manual. You don’t need to worry about it. The plugin checks which version of WordPress is running and shows the correct version of the manual.
What About The Bandwidth For The Videos?
The videos are served from our servers, so you don’t need to worry about the bandwidth.
What Happens If I Unsubscribe?
The plugin with still continue to function to the end of that months subscription. After that, the videos will not appear and you will see the invalid ID message.
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